Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Home, Should be in Bed
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but if I lay in bed any longer, I won't be able to move. Back attack had me up all night and down all day... argh.

So just a brief post from home before I throw myself into a coma.

I found a new blog that I really enjoy... and yes, she will be going on my list. Go Fish had a wonderfully insightful perspective of gay marriage from a straight standpoint, and it makes me truly wonder why sooo many people are opposed to gay marriage with comments and rational thinking like this on the 'net. I believe there will be gay marriage - as soon as our generation takes over the world. BRAVO!

Oh, and if you ever wondered, when I lose weight and get my nipples, belly button, something pierced, THIS is the barbell I want! Hello, Virgo Power!


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