Tuesday, March 16, 2004

No More Supersizes...

"On March 3, McDonald's signaled the end of an era when it announced plans to phase out Supersize French fries and soft drinks by the end of the year. The decision to downsize comes amid growing concern over the epidemic of American obesity.

In addition to dropping Supersizes, McDonald's plans to roll out a number of new products aimed at healthier eating, including an adult Happy Meal called "Go Active!" The fast-food chain has already started offering entree-sized salads and healthier Happy Meals for kids.

A large serving of French fries still contains 6 ounces (down from the Supersize 7 ounces), and a large soda is still 32 ounces (down from the Supersize 48 ounces). "

And your point is...?? If I want a Supersize fry, all I need to do is order an extra "Dollar Fry" with my Large meal and get even more ounces than a Supersize would have been. I really don't think this is going to curb America's appetite for the wonderful golden fries o'goodness.

Why do you think I married a McDonald's Manager? (Besides the fact that she makes more money than me, the bitch...)

I am glad they are offering beautiful salads and healthier fare. It's nice for those of us trying to eat healthier...


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