Tuesday, April 06, 2004

And a Good Day Has Come...
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Sorry I haven't blogged over the weekend. Seriously! I have had other things to do!!

We got our new Baby on Friday. Mickey Blue Eyes (aka Clover) came to live at our house and he is a beautiful long hair Siamese, another rescued by Lorene. He has some dental work that needs to be done, but he is pretty healthy other than that. The other two haven't been picking on him, so he's been sleeping under our bed for the majority of the time, venturing out to eat and use the box and then hiding again. It will take a while, but all will be well! Auntie 'Rene also introduced the other babies to catnip and they haven't been the same since!

Now, Lorene, this is IT! No more!!! *laugh* Three people= three cats. Until I get pregnant, no more cats.

We spent Sunday with my family for my brother's birthday and had a great time with them. My mother gave us a present - a Swiffer Wet Jet - the same one I gave her about 6 months ago. She says she never uses it, she'd rather use a mop, so Sarah has been Swiffering the bathroom floor almost daily. She loves it. And I don't mind the fact that she loves one of her chores.

This week is both American and Greek Easter. I love this time of year. I will be making Koloudia (Greek Easter Cookies) this weekend to prepare. Hopefully my family with go with me to services, but they really didn't care for them last year, so I think I will probably be on my own. Kaló Pásxa to my Fellow Orthodox!

Playing Devils Advocate

Comment left at another website today...

"Okay... I'm gonna play devils advocate here...

Some people were saying they don't like abortion being used as birth control.

But isn't that EXACTLY what it is? And why does an abortion for one reason or another take less meaning just because of the reasons why? It's the same procedure - they all terminate pregnancy and in essence, control the population.

I have a few friends who wouldn't hesitate to have an abortion (or several) because they don't want children, and all forms of birth control aren't 100% - including vasectomies. They are to be judged because they would chose to have a LEGAL (remember kids, it is still legal) procedure?

Some people choose to eat excessive red meat and fatty foods, but do we tell them they shouldn't be allowed to have a bypass operation because it was their choice to have clogged arteries? Are they less of a patient than the little old lady down the hall having the same procedure who was a vegetarian all her life?

When we start catagorizing people and judging people who use the healthcare system for legal procedures for WHATEVER reason, we come dangerously close to a "communist" system of healthcare. I use that term loosely, but you get my point. Patient A can have an abortion because the condom broke, but Patient B can't because her partner didn't use a condom and that was irresponsible.

No one should have to justify their healthcare choices to anyone. And until the fetus is viable outside the woman's body, it's a fetus, not a patient.

Just a lesbian moonbat's two cents."


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