Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Excellent News!

I had my appointment yesterday with Dr Petron, the top ortho specialist at Red Butte Sports Medicine. He did a full examination of my back and we reviewed my MRI together.

It is his conclusion that my herniated disc at L1 will heal on it's own and that it has actually improved over the last 6 months. (Yaaaay!)

However, my pain is coming from another disc at L5/S1 (closer to the tailbone) which is bulging and irritating the nerves that control my right leg.

He did say this would heal on it's own, but not without help.

I am scheduled for a nerve block injection on August 18th. Under fluoroscopy (X-ray) they will inject the nerve in my spine that is causing my pain with Lidocaine and Cortizone, which, almost immediately, will begin calming the nerve and getting the inflammation down. Once the nerve is calm, I can begin strengthening my legs, walking, bending, exercising, etc. He has also started me on a new pain medication that targets nerves directly, so that will help much better than being drugged out all the time.

Best news - NO BACK SURGERY!!! The procedure I am having is considered a surgery, but I will be up and walking the same day and back to work the next day (God willing there aren't any complications).

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who have been so kind to me while I have been in such pain the last year. I appreciate all your love, understanding and friendship and I will keep you posted how I am doing after my spinal block on the 18th. Yes, I want flowers, cards and candy! :)

The plans for Alaska are coming together and we are so excited. If I don't blog before I leave, love out to everyone and if you send me your physical address, you might get a postcard (hint, hint)!


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