Monday, August 02, 2004

Why is it so cool to be Catholic?

That's what someone asked Lindsay today. Odd question...

This weekend was just a mad whir as we try and get things together for our cruise. Friday night, we laid low at the house and began the sorting of the clothes, did laundry and just generally tried to plan our attack. Lindi and Sarah worked on Saturday, so I had lunch with a friend, and we ended up going to see The Manchurian Candidate, which was odd, but awesome. Saturday night, more plans and laying low at the house, since Lindi had to be to work by 4am for month end. Sunday, Sarah had a friend over to help her pack and I went shopping to get things we needed, shoes for me, underclothing for the other two and sundries. We then headed over to my parent's house, as my father wanted to see us before we left, and then we went out to Carvers for dinner with Lindi’s family to celebrate Hers, Beth’s and Lindi’s Mom’s birthdays for July. Beth’s parents were in town, so I spent most of the evening talking with Beth’s father Mark, who is always a delight to be around.

We leave this Saturday for Seattle, spend the night, then drive to Vancouver to meet the ship on Sunday. We will be gone until the 15th where we drive back to Seattle and spend the night again, then fly home the 16th. Sarah will be driving up with her grandparents, so Lindi and I will be on our own for the first leg of the trip, so that will be nice to have some alone time together in Seattle.

Sooo… It looks like I may need some guest bloggers, or at least people to hold down the fort while I am gone. Email me and let me know if you are interested!! :)

And, yes, I know my birthday is coming up. I have no idea what to do for my birthday this year. I know I want to get my tongue pierced, but I haven’t met the pre-requisite set by Tre, so I’m not sure if she’ll let me *wink*. I want the Inman clan to go with me to the Greek Festival, but I’m not sure which day/night. I’d like to have people over (not on the scale of Lindi’s party, mind you) but my place is small and it might be colder in September. Maybe dinner out or a movie? Ooooh, Catwoman…. I’m kinda up in the air. Suggestions?

Quick note: I know I took one of my entries off my blog. After much thought, I decided to keep some of my feelings on the matter more private, as some people who read it thought it was about them, and I certainly didn’t want to explain myself over and over. If I didn’t talk to you about it directly, then don’t worry about it.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LINDI on her raise and being a Manager for a year. I am proud of you, honey!!


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