Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Samonilla for One, Garcon...

I guess it could be worse, although I am not sure what could be worse than having your doctor tell you she's seen 3 cases of samonilla poisoning in the last 48 hours and you are gonna have to poop in a cup or she's going to hook you up to IV's. Yeah, I pooped in a cup. We will see if this is flu or some nasty poisoning from one of my favorite chinese restaurants. Yes, I did have the chicken.

Last night, I was able to eat some scrambie eggs and toast with the help of a dose of phenergan. Better living through pharmacueticals, I say. Then I literally passed out at 7:30pm and didn't wake up until 5am. Another side benefit of phenergan - the ability to knock a woman like me on her ass.

So, I am stuck home for one more day... the benefits of which are immeasurable. Let me list them for you:

1. Unlimited Xbox usage. (I am now addicted to the SIMS 2)
2. Playing with the kitties. Miss Miss is on her back, looking deceivingly sweetly at me as we speak, telepathically luring me to rub her belly so she can attack my hand. (where is the damn digital camera when I need it?)
3. Soap Operas.
4. Books.
5. Painting toenails.

You can see how precious my day will be.

On the home front, Lindi is still sick, but getting better with the aid of Codeine laced cough medicine and passing out for sleep with me. Sarah is fine. Like she was never sick.

Sunday, we took a nice long drive out to my brother's house in Eagle Mountain and bought his 1967 Mustang. She looks really, really good. The body is in great condition, it is numbers-matching and I definately think it will only take about 5 grand to restore it the way she wants. Lindi got a settlement check from Farmers from the stupid idiot who hit her Toyota in the parking lot at Walmart (after having her license and insurance for TWO DAYS), so she's going to start the restoration very soon.

Well, my stomach is calling, so I'd better try and give it something to eat. Call me if you have my digits and check on me. Send flowers. Candygram. Whatever tickles your fancy.


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