Monday, November 22, 2004

How 'bout Them UTES!?!!


That's right. Perfect record this season. First team not in one of the Big 10 schools or one of the "expected" teams to make it into the BCS.

Welcome Utah.

21-51. 30 point throttling given to BY - who?

Wonderful game. I am so proud of my boys, I can't stand it. We are all walking on clouds around here...

Fans Overtake the field in a display of happiness and joy at the thought of going to the Fiesta Bowl. That is the likely probability for us.

And unlike professional basketball, our fans were peaceful.

Coach Urban Meyer getting drenched by his team in the last minutes of the game. Keep in mind, this is Utah, and it was about 26 degrees out. That had to be cold!

Coach and two of his players, Ryan Smith (left) and Bo Nagahi (right) in the last seconds when it became clear they had completed what they set out to do - be undefeated for the first time in our University's history.

Savoy, one of beloved stars, accepting and parading the MWC trophy with the players and fans, emjoying the moment.

AMAZING GAME. I hope some of you caught it on ESPN2. Our boys showed a great deal of heart, sportsmanship and enthusiasm. I am very proud.


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