Friday, November 19, 2004

Strangest Overheard Lesbian Conversation...

"But honey, a woman has needs..."

"Yeah? That's why I bought you batteries."

And you thought being married to a woman was different than being married to a man. Better, but it's still the same.

Friday is going well. I am smack-down busy here at work, but I have a new computer, so I am loving it. I can play Yahoo! Launch and listen to all sorts of music all day and it seems to make the day fly by.

Can't wait for the weekend. I am taking my niece on Saturday night, so that will be lovely to spend some quality time. Other than that, no plans.

Oh, and something I just have to say.

A friend of mine asked me to remove something from my blog, something small and mundane, trivial, really, but something that could be read into by her husband who also reads my blog. No one had done anything wrong, there's no big cover up or anything childish like that, but sometimes, things look a certain way and people assume. So, being the friend I am, the long-time friend, I might add, I did as she asked. I also said that I wouldn't say anything about it on my blog. In fact, I think I promised.

I lied.

It's like this.

You come to my blog, you get my life. I'm not going to censor it again. I refuse to have my words turned back up into one of my best friend's face. I realize that if you are reading this now, you will go home and rip her a new asshole for it. Don't do it.

I have been her friend long before she met you. I have supported her through things you can't even imagine. I have even supported your marriage. I invited you to my wedding, even though I know you don't accept me and my family. But I know you are her husband and your feelings are paramount to her.

DO NOT come here and use my life to attack her. What I do, who I associate with and what I say is NOT a reflection of her. She is an amazing woman - smart, funny, strong, beautiful, generous and kind, and if you think for one single solitary minute that I could influence her or her choices, you are sorely mistaken. She is independant as the day is long. Instead of looking here for answers about your wife, you should be looking to her for them.

So, if I find out that you have used this blog as the basis for ANY argument between the two of you again, I will remove it. Period. This blog will not be the catalyst for your bruised ego.

I have always repected you and have never said anything to you to show otherwise. How dare you use my words to belittle your own wife. You should be ashamed.

And S - forgive me. You know I can't keep my mouth shut. When it comes to my friends, I will walk through fire. You know it, I've proven it. You don't deserve any less.


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