Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Four days 'til CRAZY!!

I took yesterday off of work to finish up my shopping and wrapping. I was able to get everything I needed and baked a little, get Sarah to her Orthodontics appointment and cook dinner. No time for a nap, but I was solidly asleep by 9:30 last night.

Friday was a great time at the Poors, it was great to see everyone again!!!

I started getting a migraine on Saturday and realy bad acheys in my back and legs. It swelled and swelled until I was a mess. I felt really bad, but there was no way I could go to Lindi's family party, it was just too much. Lindi sacrificed a lot and didnt go herself so she could stay home with me. I took a Lortab, muscle relaxer and rested the evening away. We finally figured out what the problem was - I hadn't had any Diet Coke for almost 24 hours. Caffeine withdrawl! It was horrible.

Sunday was Lindi's work party, so we made a turkey, honey glazed ham, dressing and gravy to contribute to the dinner for her crew. It was WONDERFUL! Well, mostly wonderful, a homeless drunken Native American couple refused to leave Lindi's store so we had to call the police. They smelled so horrid, I can't even begin to describe it. I felt so badly for them, we were thinking of making them a plate to take with them, until they got in Lindi's face and the woman started swearing at her, saying, "The police don't care about us Native Americans anyway! Stupid white people!" I nearly ripped her head off. I am part Cherokee and Cherokowa from the North Dakota tribes, and I wanted to sooooo educate my fellow American Indians about tribe pride and self control... but Sarah held me back from it. If my daughter wasn't there, I would have picked them up and thrown them out myself. The woman literally had extrement soaking through her pants. It was disgusting. The man took a "shower" in the restroom - out of the urinal. They were escorted away by police and I felt sad and disgusted at the same time. No one should live like that.

I received an email from Scott - he is in Iraq, stationed in the North.

"Hi, yes I'm now in the great country of Iraq. This place is one big sh*t hole. Thank you very much for the package. I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. Things here are ok. I wish I was there. Take care ~ Scott"

The care package was sent off yesterday - The grand total: 14 lbs!! ($27 to ship!) The Military will have it in 2 days, hopefully they can get it to him soon. It sounds like he needs the pick-me-up.

I included many goodies - peanuts, pretzles, butterscotch candy, jolly rancher candy, butter cookies, oreos, nutter butters, mixed nuts in the can, poker set with cards, dice and poker chips, beef jerky, SPF48 sunscreen, Curel lotion, 10 pack juicy fruit gum, 10 pack wintergreen gum, 3 pack Eclipse gum, Stuff Magazine, FHM Magazine (with bonus calendar for 2005!), Maxium Magazine, card and pictures!

Thanks for everyone's suggestions. We're going to do another care package of lotion, lipbalm, sunscreen for his unit for Valentines Day, so keep your ideas coming!!!!

Send your prayers - it sounds like they need them. 20 US Soldiers Killed today...


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