Thursday, December 09, 2004

I am Alive!

Sorry for not blogging. I have not been anywhere near a computer for days, let alone felt up to blogging.

Monday, I started feeling bad. I thought I would take a day, recharge my batteries, stay at home. I was nauseated and achy in my joints. My back hated me. I took a muscle relaxor and rested the whole day. I wasn't worried about the nausea because I am usually nauseated at least twice a day. Bad stomach, no worries.

I woke up Tuesday, went to the bathroom and started getting ready for work. I felt nauseated again and threw up. And didn't stop. The worst part? There was blood - a lot of blood. My neighbor took me into the ER and they performed a NG (nasal gastric tube) and found that the blood was not coming from my stomach. Let me tell you, I will never have an NG ever again. It was horrid.

I went home and called my regular doctor and asked her to order a scope. I went right back up to the U and had a scope done - to find out I have a hiatal hernia and a "puckered esophogus" from acid reflux. Yay.

Then, Wednesday, I started feeling shortness of breath. I expected to have a sore throat after all I'd been through, but it was hard to breathe. Another trip to Urgent Care and the doctor tells me that sometimes when a person has a procedure like a scope, the bottom of their lungs will collapse a little and that's probably what I am feeling. He gave me a breathing treatment, ordered a chest x-ray (which was okay) and sent me home with an inhaler. He also mentioned something about needing a pulmonary function test because I might have early COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). I am not happy.

But I am here at work, eating mushroom rice soup and waiting for my bed.

When it rains, it pours, eh?


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