Monday, November 29, 2004

Well, In That Case…

I received a nasty little comment on my blog today that I didn’t appreciate, from someone who I liked at one time and respected as a fellow blogger. So I responded with a firm, to the point email.

It’s obvious she is not capable of having an adult conversation.

I would really like to ask you to STOP bringing up my damn NAME. I have not emailed you or anyone, I have not said one word at Dog Snot about this whole bullshit crap..I'm NOT INVOLVED and I DON'T CARE TO BE. Please..just leave me out of this shit and please will you stop saying my name and implying that I am!

First of all, don't come on my blog and verbally attack me. Under any circumstances. Ever. If you have an issue, you are always welcome to email me.

Second, if you took the time to read my post, which you obviously did not do, you would see that someone DID email me, and used your name in their discussion. If you took the time to read my post, you would see that I was RESPONDING to this person, not to you. I brought up your name because this other person did - nothing more. In fact, if you would have BOTHERED TO READ MY POST, you would see that I didn't even give an opinion about you other than to say that I held you in high esteem. That soon will change if I ever see another comment like that on my blog again.

Are we clear?

How come you can use my name at Dog Snot and again at your place but I am not allowed to have any say? Seems kinda fucked up to me...I find the whole thing ironic because you yourself posted a holier than thou post at Dog Snot telling people that "it's just a blog"...don't take stuff so seriously..and what precisely are YOU doing right now? You're dedicating entire threads to utter grammar school crap. Oh and more irony..first you defend people for having their "just say" so to speak but you sure don't like having your own feathers ruffled huh? You implied that somehow I was involved in whatever this whole crap is...I do not understand why you are clumping cul, maria & I in the same group not once but TWICE. I'm not the one going around emailing people telling them shit..I'm not the one writing threads, I did not make ONE COMMENT at Dog Snot where this shit originated and you know WHY? Because I want to be left alone, I want to be completely OUT OF THIS and YOU BROUGHT me right in it. You feel attacked? Hahahaha...I feel like I'm being pulled into something that I don't want anything to do with.
I did read your post and NO WE AIN'T 'bout these just leave my name out of this mix all together. I've never EVER DRUG Anybody through the mud on this computer, I've never started any feud and I don't plan on getting my hands dirty now. And ya know what..fuck that idea of me having to email you personally with an issue. You shouldn't have said my name in public because by doing so you opened the door to my response IN PUBLIC.

Well, in that case, Sandy, let me make this perfectly clear, in PUBLIC:


There. You happy? Does it satisfy you that you blew this whole thing up over someone saying that they respected you, someone who never said one bad thing about you, or rather, could care less?

Well, now everyone who visits my site will know your intentions.

The reason I was “lumping” you in with cul and Maria is because the person who wrote me the email did, and I was RESPONDING. You do know what that is, don’t you? Addressing each person’s issue, line by line. That’s what I was doing.

Not so sure exactly what damage I’ve done by saying that I respected you, but if your panties are in a twist over it, I suggest some Prozac and quickly.

Asking you to bring something to me in an email is perfectly acceptable, if it has to do with content on my blog. It's called acting like an adult.

I didn't post anything "holier than thou" anywhere. I was honest in my feelings about people getting pissed off at Dogsnot but refusing to leave. It's like being upset because your hand is burning but refusing to take it out of the fire.

I am pissed because you came on MY blog and acted like an ass. That is completely different. In fact, you have acted that way through your entire email, so I assume you are unable to actually communicate in an adult manner.

I have no problem with my feathers being ruffled for things I've done, but your attack is off base. You have a problem with your name being drug up, don't leave whiney ass incompetent comments on my blog.

Then posts like this wouldn’t happen.

In other words, don’t let the door hit ya.


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