Wednesday, November 24, 2004

All is Well on the Homefront

We have chosen, as a family, to do our best to make both families happy. Lindi's mom moved their meal up to 1, my family moved their meal to 3, Lindi and Sarah will go to her Mom's and try to make it to my Mom's by dessert. After much discussion, Lindi's mom must not have realized all the details of what was going on - she was surprised I wouldn't be able to be there - and even offered her kitchen to me in hopes I would be able to spend some time in both places, even if some of it was cooking.

I realized she wasn't trying to control everything, and does care about my feelings and the feelings of my family. It was a huge miscommunication. That makes things much better.

Our bedroom is really coming together. We actually found a beautiful bed set while shopping - as well as a new CD player for me! We cleaned our room of all nicknacks and misc junk and I put out large vases of fresh flowers and candles. Our bed is beautiful, we hung curtains last night, I covered the dressers with Cranberry fabric, we hung mirrors, sconces and candles and it is amazing.

I will post pictures, but for now:

The CD player changes colors. It's awesome.

The ivory drape is hung above the cranberry drape and comes down along both sides. We are still messing with it, but it changes the whole look of the room.

Merry Christmas to US!


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