Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dragging Me Into the Fight

I get an email on Friday that I finally read today. Basically, it tells me to stop visitng one of my favorite sites, Dogsnot, because some people there have been offended and are considering legal action. They are surprised I visit and support such a site.

I, personally, am astonished anyone has the conjones to ask me to pick sides in this argument.

I visit whatever sites I choose. I comment, I argue, and at the end of the day, I make whatever choice I want to. To assume that because people I also enjoy reading don't care to visit Dogsnot or have some issues with "questionable" content on the site means that I, too, should jump on the bandwagon, is wrong.

Here is an exerpt from the response email I sent:

I can understand from the outward look, it might be concerning for you to see my defense of the authors of Dogsnot. I appreciate your well intentioned email and will address in kind.

The fact is this: they are well within their rights. I defend them because, ultimately, I defend all of us who have a blog. And, along those lines, if you come to a blog and make a total ass out of yourself, you deserve whatever the authors dish out at you. That includes my site.

I am not going to get dragged into the whole “they alter posts” thing because this is something I cannot prove. It’s not up to me. Questionable? Possibly. Illegal? No. And that was the discussion at hand. What information I had in front of me was not illegal. If you are telling me there will be legal action taken against Geoff and Gordon, then I support anyone’s right to use the legal system to protect themselves. Personally, I have not done anything illegal. Writing a comment is not illegal in this country - yet.

As far as what my “appeal” is – that’s my personal business. I was serious when I said “not everything is in the comments.” The relationship between myself and other bloggers is private unless I make it public. Very few people know of the emails that have passed between me and others, or phone calls, or packages, etc. That’s my private life.

What everyone is talking about – the spamming, the forging of post, etc. is crazy. The thing is – not one post of mine has ever been forged. Or deleted. And you’ve seen some of the nasty dialogue between us. I like to think I give as good as I get, so maybe that’s why they’ve never taken me on.

I see Gordon on Maria’s site all the time, not sure if this has changed. I’ve always held her, cul and Sandy in high esteem. They all know this. If any of them have a problem with me, it’s theirs to deal with. I can only control how I treat others, which, unless they attack me, has always been respectful. I hold cul in the utmost respect. cul and I have debated Dogsnot together on occasion.

I defend anyone’s right to free speech. Dogsnot included. What is behind the scenes is the discussion and the support both of them have given me. When I put one of my best friends on a plane to war, they were there supporting me. I didn’t see you, cul, Maria or Sandy emailing me or offering to contribute to a care package. And that’s not a put down, I don’t expect you to monitor my life and be involved. But the fact is – they were there.

My point is this – I strive to maintain friendships with those of differing views because it is ultimately the only way compromise and understanding can be reached. Would it surprise you to know that Geoffrey and Gordon support my family and actually wish the best for us? That they both think that gay civil unions are a pretty good idea? Well, they do. Just because they don’t agree with “Gay Marriage” doesn’t mean they are against gay people. I’ve seen more hatred come out of our own community that from Dogsnot.

I am an intelligent, rational woman. My rationale is this: I won’t let anyone dictate to me who I vote for nor the company I keep. I am a strong willed Liberal and I speak my mind. Have you ever once seen me cow-tow to the Conservative ideal? I don’t think so. Compromise can be reached however, and it must, in order for this country to thrive.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is that you don’t have to visit Dogsnot. Don’t. I would suggest you, and the others, simply don’t patronize their website. Create your own blog. You can ban people and delete comments and rule your blog the way I do mine.



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