Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Wonderful Evening!

Every year, the owners of Lindi's McDonalds hold a "Hot Hamburger" contest with all of their 7 stores. Basically, a group of five employees from each store create a team and study everything McDonalds, from proper temperatures, to placement, to order of service, to stocking. Name it - there is a question about it. Lindi gave a pre-test and chose the top 5 employees from her store, I hand painted team t-shirts and "Lindi's Legends" were born. Yesterday was their competition.

Lindi's team wiped the floor with the rest of them. They didn't lose one round. Not ONE round! Grabbed the Number One spot!

The McDonalds Area Manager, Jeremy, was extremely impressed with her team, and is putting them up against other teams in Utah owned by other people and McDonalds corporation. That's when the prizes get REALLY big. Last night, each team member recieved $75 in cash and a beautiful McDonald's Jacket (worth about $150).

Trust me, these questions are not just flipping burger questions. McDonalds is extremely anal about the proper cooking techniques, procedures, and quality in their food. These teams needed to know proper cooking times and temps for all food products, where they were to be store, how they were to be thawed, emergency thawing procedures, microwave times AND codes... it boggles my mind.

Lindi's Legends were awesome and Sarah and I were there to cheer them on to victory. I couldn't be more proud of my children. *wink*


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