Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I am a Looney Magnet


In the last 24 hours, I have received emails, most of them including rude comments and snips, attacks, you name it. All because I refuse to stop visiting a website.

Do you people really think you mean that much to me?


There are a few bloggers who I've spoken with in real life. They matter a great deal to me (and yes, you know who you are if you have my cell phone digits). We have an acutal relationship outside of the blogworld based on hours of online and offline communications. Some of them are kindred spirits, spouses in previous lives, and soon-to-be members of my harem. I have sent Graduation presents (consisting of beer and pizza money), birthday presents, "just because" presents and have patronized their families businesses. I have shared Saturday morning phone calls and upset emails and actually been apart of their lives. A couple of them I would be honored to have father my child.

There are other bloggers I only know from email correspondance. Most of them are respectful and good for advice back and forth. This doesn't mean I will invite them to my daughter's Sweet 16, but I enjoy their online company.

If you do not fall into either of the above categories, don't bother trying. It's not something you can force. Dictating to me who I can and should correspond with will not win you points with me.

For those who have known me since I was 14 - thank you for the advice. I do believe you are correct. There are certain people in the blog world who are probably clincally insane and I should simply stay away from them. And I will be starting immediately.


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