Thursday, December 02, 2004

Shopping with the Grandma

There are benefits to being older. You can pretty much be as cranky as you want to be and everyone just chalks it up to being crotchety. Priority parking. Forget something? No problem, you’re getting old. Want to pretend you forgot something? Go ahead, no one can tell the difference anyway.

But the biggest perk to getting older is the Senior Discounts, which a lot of places are giving at age 60 now. I don’t consider 60 to be Senior, but I am all for giving out of the free-ness.

Last night after Family Therapy (which is going swimmingly), Sarah, Lindi and I picked up Lindi’s Mom and went shopping at Kohl’s. Most of the items in the store were anywhere from 40-80% off. We browsed, picked out clothes, presents, jewelry, and had a blast. I love Kohl’s – Department store quality, and last night, Kmart prices. We were getting $40 sweaters for $19.00, earrings normally $38 for $15, lots of great things for Christmas.

The best part? At checkout, they gave us an additional 15% discount because Lindi’s mom is 62. Took $49.00 off the total bill. Hells, ya.

We then went across the street to IHOP and had dinner. Guess what? It was Senior Night! Buy one meal, get one free! But it only applied to two Seniors eating, so that didn’t work, but it was a great thought. Lindi’s Mom told us many places just take a discount right off the top of the bill. Whoa.

So, we’ve decided we are taking her everywhere – to the grocery store, out to dinner, to the car wash. We’re going to cash in on this Senior Discount thing. Good God, why didn’t anyone mention this sooner?


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