Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's Nice to Know...

I am not the only one who Power Shops...

"Video games also increase efficiency in shopping situations. If you've played many tactical fighters, then you can relate to this situation:

Wife: "Urgh, its crowded in here. We'll never get all this stuff and get home in time for you to watch the game."
Me: "Sure, we will."
Wife: "But how? We've only got ten minutes..."
Me: "Alright, here's the plan. We both start out at the south entrance and cart up. At this point, I'm heading west into the dairy section, you go east and pick up the veggies. Since, I'll be out of dairy first, I'll head back around the north side and block off the pasta aisle with my cart, while you enter from the south and get all the stuff we need. Then, we'll both head north, you're on my flank, and we'll turn into the meat section. I'll occupy the old lady that tries to give us samples all the time while you roll behind me and pick up what we need. From there, you proceed south to the endcap and pick up the cat food. Hopefully, the traffic from the pasta aisle will still be lagged behind by then. I'll head straight to checkout lane six, since that's where the fast bagger is, and you'll rendezvous and meet me there. If all goes well, we'll be done in seven minutes with no casualties."
Wife: "You're very sexy right now."
Me: "And don't linger in the organic foods aisle. That's where the snipers are. Ready? Red team go!"


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