Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Okay, now THIS is Funny

Do these frighten anyone else but me?

Top 20 referring search terms...
connie (Google) 3
connie (Yahoo) 2
virgo in love (MSN) 1
how to have gay anal sex with yor dog (Yahoo) 1 (WTF?!?!!!)
photos of anal lingus (Overture) 1
virgo needs (Yahoo) 1
how to please the virgo woman (Yahoo) 1
ronald mcdonalds house in birmingham alabama (Yahoo) 1
virgo picture (MSN) 1
i am a sexy lesbian (Yahoo) 1 (I like this one!)
"born yesterday" constitutional amendments song (Google) 1
virgo soup base (Yahoo) 1
i don't feel like a virgo (Yahoo) 1
"her migraine" (AltaVista) 1
virgo today (MSN) 1
if a virgo man does not invite you out should you invite him? (Yahoo) 1
Lorene Won (Yahoo) 1
virgo what the year 2005 has in store (Yahoo) 1
Jennifer GRANHOLM pictures (AltaVista) 1
bedroom chronicles (Yahoo) 1

Last 25 Referring search terms
Jennifer GRANHOLM pictures (AltaVista)
song hangin with a virgo (Google)
connie (Yahoo)
dogsnot (MSN)
sexy people in utah (Yahoo) (Now that's fabulous!)
pictures of virgo (Yahoo)
"born yesterday" constitutional amendments song (Google)
love for single virgo in 2005 (Yahoo)
virgo today (MSN)


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