Monday, December 27, 2004

Santa Came to Town!

Christmas was wonderful! Christmas Eve Day, I baked and baked and finished up the goodie boxes for the family. After Lindi got home, we headed out to her Uncle Tom’s house and ate dinner, played games, an enjoyed each other’s company. After Tom’s house, we hurried home and enjoyed our family Christmas – just the three of us. Santa loves us – our stockings were wonderful!! Santa even left toys for the kitties in their little stockings! We got the best present in the world – all five kitties came out and played in the living room – together! It was awesome, since we rarely see Mickey, let alone all five kitties at the same time.

Christmas Morning, Lindi’s Mom picked up Sarah for church, then Lindi and I headed over to their house to help with Christmas Breakfast – sausages, eggs and potatoes and Sticky Buns, their family tradition. We all sat around in the living room and opened our bounty of presents. Sarah got mostly clothes and DVD’s, Lindi also got clothes, I got every piece of bakeware I asked for – springform pans, mini muffin tins, new cookie sheets, a jelly roll pan, spoons, spatulas – even new bowls and plates for the kitchen. I am soooo spoiled!

Afterwards, we packed up the car and headed to my parents house to enjoy Christmas with my family. The best part was when we gave each member an envelope with a brochure of the Ronald McDonald House and a letter that we had donated Christmas Dinner to the Ronald McDonald house in the name of our family to the 28 families who had children spend Christmas in the hospital. I don’t think there was a dry eye there. The other cry fest happened when the three kids gave my Dad a poem (written by me) and something he had always wanted, even when he was a child – a remote control airplane. I am glad my sister read the poem because I was a sobbing mess. I was crying when I wrote it!

Then we headed to Sarah’s other grandparents – her father’s side. They are always so gracious to us, even Sarah’s father was there. We only spent a little while there and enjoyed their company while Sarah opened even more clothes. They gave the three of us movie tickets and some money for a movie night, which was lovely of them.

When it was all said and done – we came home an hour ahead of schedule and our living room looked like a department store threw up! I took some meds and we all sat on the couch and sorted out the gifts and we realized just how blessed we are.

Sunday was a great day – the three of us cleaned the downstairs. Lindi and Sarah took the living room and put away all the Christmas stuff, vacuumed and rearranged a bit to give us more room. I took on the kitchen, which still isn’t done, but they promised to help me a bit. When Sarah got back from church with Grandma, we jumped in the car and grabbed some Chinese food, then went to the mall. I got my nails done (after a MONTH!) and Sarah got a pedicure while Lindi spent her Christmas money on Xbox games and a new DVD case for the living room.

Sunday evening, Lindi and Sarah put the DVD case together while I made dinner and we had our neighbors over for Christmas Exchange. The neighbors took their copy of our wedding invitation and created a beautifully framed artpiece by burning the edges of the paper and layering it over and over again to create the image of petals, then had it professionally framed. It is so beautiful, we hung it right up on our wall. It means so much to me that they took the time to create something so exquisite.

So, that is our Holiday weekend. I wish I had this week off, but I am not so lucky. Maybe next year I can take the whole week off in between. ?

Hope you all had a very blessed Christmas!


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