Wednesday, January 12, 2005


(Is hypothetics even a word? Whatever...)

So, this is my quandry:

I've never been one to stay current on social mores and ettiquette, so I have to turn to Connie's readership for guidance. Hopefully, you all can help me out...

Hypothetically speaking, let's say someone gets their boobs de-biggified. Not biggified; de-biggified. And, lets just say that the person comes out of the procedure okay and its all confirmed and what not that the person is doing well and semi-kicking. (Remember, this is purely hypothetical...)

Is it wrong to ask to see the de-biggified boobies?

(Hear me out!)

Granted, you never saw the original set. That's on the table. You never saw the pre-op big'un's and your relationship is completely platonic, considering you're well-married and the hypothetical person is a lesbian. But, you know the person (who is a dear friend) is proud of her new set and you've heard rumors and discussion that the new set is fabulous. Is it wrong to, on a purely scientific/emotional/platonic/non-pervy/somewhat-pervy/medical/documentary level, ask to see the boobies?

Your input? Greatly appreciated - thanks.


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