Saturday, January 08, 2005

Legalization of Prostitution: Pros and Cons.

First, the Gov't has no business telling me who I can or can't screw, and for the most part it doesn't. Secondly, prostitution in some forms already exists. I take a date out to Burger King, I'm lucky to get some manual manipulation. The Ground Round would probably get me a blow job. Top of the Hub would have me banging all night. Either way, I'm paying, it's just the amount that differs.

So what if I decide to save time and cut out the middle activity? It's less of a crap shoot, too. Any of the above activities doesn't guarantee I'll get some action. I might get ripped off. Just like giving someone 20 bucks to step behind 7-11 and them running off instead. Now, if prostitution were legal, I could run her down and get her for theft. It would also allow me a certain level of security. It should be run by the private sector, like all businesses should, but fall under health guidelines like the food service industry. (heh. food service) If you have a rat infestation, you can't serve food. Well, the same thing applies if you have running sores on your coochie. You're out of work. Regular check ups and certification required. Heck, that opens up a whole new line of work. People checking whores for bad coochies. (ok, ok, or dongs for warts. Lord knows why women would need a prostitute, though, unless it was a female one. You're in hard shape if you can't get a man for free. We're easy.)

Some might say it will ruin the community. I happen to agree. I wouldn't want Wanda standing next to my kid's bus stop at night when he gets home. That's an easy fix, though. We already have zoning ordinances for businesses. Just add prostitution to the list. No whoring in a school zone. No whoring in residential neighborhoods. Stand out in front of Walmart.

I guess I lean more towards my Libertarian side on social issues. Stop legislating morals.


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