Monday, February 28, 2005

Getting Stronger

Well, here I am at work, plugging away. The last week has been a struggle (as is everything) but I am doing better each and every day. I've been working 4 hours a day and sometimes I feel like I can't catch anything up, but it's alright.

The wound specialist had me on silver banadges for a while, and now they have moved on to using actual human growth hormone in the wounds to help them heal faster. A tube of 1/2 ounce of this stuff is $500. I am not kidding. But man, I can sure tell a difference!

Last Monday, Lindi and I went shopping and bought a King Size bed. Wow. We are loving having all the space in the world to roll over and stretch out. We gave our bed to the neighbors, and with it, all the new bedding we bought ourselves for Christmas. We bought cream and gold bedding for our bed, and it opened our room right up! I haven't had a backache since getting the new bed and we are very pleased.

The weekend was really fun. Saturday Night we went out to dinner and to the Club for our friend Cindy who is moving to Alaska. I haven't been to the club in months, and Lindi and I had a great time. Of course, no alcohol for me, and I danced only one dance, but we had a blast. Some of my straight friends even came, so that was entertaining. Our table had 17 people at it, and we had others spread out all over the place, so it seemed like we took over the bar. It was awesome. Plenty of eye candy and lots of laughs.

I am determined to update more often, so stay tuned. I am on the mend!!! Much love out to Toni while she is recuperating and Lorene - because she won't go to the doctor even though she knows she should!


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