Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Listening to the Launchcast

and working away. They gave me a time sensitive, detail oriented, brain scrambling project, so I've been doing nothing but crunching numbers and data entry for two days. Thank God for my internet radio providing entertainment, or I might just go postal in a serious way.

Lindi is on vacation, so more than anything, I've wanted time off with her, which isn't going to happen. I did take Thursday off for birthday projects for Sarah, so I guess I will have a little time off with her, but getting out of bed has been hard... except for this morning. Weird dreams that make no sense.

It seemed like an episode of Laguna Beach from MTV... if you've ever seen it, it's a lot like Melrose Place and The OC, but with not nearly as much talent. I jump in a jeep and go to the beachhouse - which apparently is mine - and I am surrounded by 20-somethings in bikini's with drinks galore. There were a few odd's and end's of people I recognized, which I thought was a very eclectic mix - Brigg and a couple of people from my college days.

I go into my house, which reminded me of that place in Midway, The Homestead. There is my 20-something girlfriend who is about a foot shorter than me and we are planning a party complete with a BBQ and jell-o shots. Later on, a boy who looks sooo much like G-Fry, I have to do a double-take... and I end up making out with him on the beach.

I woke up and told Lindi about the dream and she tells me I have to stop playing on the computer. I think I agree!

I bet the dream was prompted by the return of a long-lost box, found in G's storage unit, containing pics of my college days, articles, programs, etc. I even found pics of my 19th birthday and Lorene's 21st "Over the Hill" birthday that I think is rather ironic now. Over the Hill at 21? We were all babies! I can't wait to go through and get all of these pics remade from the negatives and get them in an album to share.

Well, back to my work project and munching on lunch. I should have more interesting dreams to report later!


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