Thursday, April 07, 2005


Sarah has bad knees. We all know this. Two years ago, she had a scope on both of them, and she's been okay since then... Until last week, when she fell off the bus when her left knee gave out.

We took her to the surgeon, and he said she would need to have another surgey, where he will split the tendons and wrap them on each side of the patella to keep it in place. He said we could wait until the end of the semester and plan it for the summer. Two good things about that - I can put her on my insurance (and pay full price for it) and she would be covered 100% for everything including Physical Therapy, and she can keep her 3.5 GPA without worry of missing school.

Plans changed this morning when she fell down the stairs at school, while wearing her knee brace, and we got a call from the Principal.

So, her surgery is scheduled for Monday. She will probably stay with her grandmother for a week, since Grandma and Grandpa are retired and their house is fit for a girl who has just had surgery... ie: No stairs. I don't like her being away from us, but the U won't let me take time for a child that is not biologically mine. She certainly can't be alone. Argh. I am glad it is her grandmother, though, I know she will be taken care of very well.

Her principal will work with her teachers and see about getting her a home-schooling tutor while she is laid up. Ahhhh, the benefits of having such a good student that the principal doesn't want her grades to slide, either!

Pray for us all, we will need it!


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