Friday, April 01, 2005

Roses for the Wife

I decided my wife needed roses today, if for no other reason than to tell her how much I love and appreciate all she does for me. This is the arrangement I chose, and they did the roses in red, which makes me happy, because she's not really a "pink" kinda gal. She is so good to me, taking care of me while I've been sick, and being so patient with my many mood swings. She really is the best part of my life, and I love her dearly.

Today is good for a Friday. I have another dr's appt in the afternoon, but then the afternoon is all mine, to spend with my family. Lindi and I are going to pay off some bils and maybe we'll catch a movie later. I am looking forward to a nice, caliming and relaxing weekend.

Thoughts out to my Catholic friends regarding Pope John Paul's health. I hope he passes quickly and quietly. He has served his church well. May His Memory Be Eternal.


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