Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Monday Morning!

This week has been good, bad and better, and I am happy to be through the worst of it. Last Sunday, I had a bout with some very severe pain that landed me in the ER and out of work for 3 days. With the help of two of my doctors, I have been virtually pain free since then, so I think the worst is over. I have a dr's appt today, so we will see how well "the boys" are healing.

Saturday was entertaining to say the least. I decided, with the spring weather and all, that two of my cats needed to be groomed. Mickey, my siamese, won't let me get close to him long enough to brush him, so his back was pretty matted, and Dori, my foster kitty, has started to shed in anticipation of the cooler weather. So, I made appointments for them to be groomed at Petsmart.

Now, if you have ever Kitty Wrangled, you will understand my pain. Dori was a cinch, since she comes to me when called. Mickey, on the other hand, was quite abused and barely lets me pet and love on him, let alone put him into a cat carrier. The marathon ended with me literally picking up the couch and moving it to the middle of the living room, and cornering him upstairs and talking to him. It lasted about 20 minutes, up and down the stairs, racing from bedroom to bedroom to couch to kitchen, before he finally resigned and let me pick him up like a baby.

I dropped both of them off and promptly went home to meet my Sister, then she sent me to bed after lunch. I was in a LOT of pain after all the adrenaline wore off... and three hours later, my lovely wifie came home with two cats who had furry paws, furry heads, a furry poof at the end of their tails - and shaved all the way in between! They look sooooooo adorable! It's the classic "Lion Cut" and Petsmart did a great job. Lindi hates it. The cats wouldn't talk to me Saturday and the others who didn't go avoided me because they thought they were next! I will definately post pictures.

Sunday was a blur of BBQ's, Birthday parties and family. As always, it is such a joy to be around our families. We are talking about spending Thanksgiving in Mexico with Lindi's family, and that sounds wonderful to me!

Well, gonna run for now, I will update more this week. Good Energy out to all of you!


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