Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday's The Day

Sarah was wheeled into surgery at 7:30 this morning. She is expected to go home around 2pm today, and we will be hunkering down at Grandma's House until Friday. We spent the weekend cleaning and getting ready to basically not live at home for the week and spend all our time elsewhere. The kitties will be happy with that, I am sure, they love to run the house.

We spend some good quality time with Lindi's family on Saturday at her Aunt's 50th birthday party. They had a beautiful buffet, drinks, music, dancing - it was wonderful! Plus we had the added bonus of her crazy relatives to keep the party going. I tried Crown Royal and Coke for the first time, and paid for it the next day. Argh.

I heard from Scott again, he is jonesing for some correspondence. Please drop him a line over in Iraq, he would love to hear from anyone, especially the single ladies.

Still learning how to crochet. Tre's Baby's blanket is coming along, albeit it is small enough for the Pixie's rats instead of a human baby, but I will keep at it!

Speaking of Tre, she had a recent post that dealt with the bloggers falling off the face of the earth. I think I've commented on this before. I have noticed almost a blogging trend where blogging goes in "cycles." One minute, you are driving home, thinking about the fun things you can put on your blog, the next minute, you don't update your blog for a couple of months.

I think it depends on the reason for your blogging. A lot of bloggers use their site as an online diary, and some use it to express themselves creatively. If it's the latter, rather that the first, you tend to blog in spurts, lose your steam, find it again and start blogging. Some bloggers will stop blogging if they feel it's not worth their time to update, as no one reads it.

As for me, I will keep blogging as long as there is something to say. And I have a feeling I will always have something to say.


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