Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And Then, there was Turkey…

I thought the summer was bad – ha! The last few weeks have been packed and packed with things and friends and football and turkey. It’s pretty hard to catch up, but I will try.

Saturday the 10th, I went to an auction at South Valley Universalist/Unitarian and had a blast. I donated one of my custom cakes and Brynn donated a basket of her lotions, bath gels and bath products. They had decorated in a Cruise Ship theme – and it absolutely looked fantastic, all the way down to deck chairs and lighted palm trees. I ended up getting a pair of tickets to the Allies Dinner for Equality Utah (normally $100 apiece, I paid a little less…) and some other items, which made for a nice donation. Free refillable Margaritas and a gorgeous dinner were just the ticket for a wonderful evening with friends!

Sunday the 11th, C’s 36th birthday at the Olive Garden. Good times, lots of laughs, Pomegranate Martinis and Gnocchi. I love those little potato pillows. Seriously. In Love. Lindi and I really enjoyed ourselves. Happy Birthday C!

Friday the 16th, Planned and executed a surprise baby shower for a co-worker – only to find out his wife went into labor the same day! So, we had a party without him!

Tuesday the 20th, National Day of Remembrance for the Transgendered Community. I was commissioned to provide a beautiful cake for the TEA (Transgendered Education Alliance) Party following the Candlelight Vigil in remembrance for all those lost to violence or medical neglect due to their transgendered status. I took a few pictures of the cakes and the vigil, which moved me to tears.

One of several children who came to pray for those we lost.

A field of names – the ones in white passed in 2007. We remembered each of them, spoke their name, how they passed, and sent our wishes to the Universe for them to rest in peace.

Reverend Sean Parker Dennison lighting a candle in hope.

Afterward, we had a party and awards ceremony for the Individual and the Group who most positively impacted the Transgendered Community for 2007. Here are the cakes I provided for the reception.

“Chocolate Enchantment” Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge filling, White Chocolate fondant and handmade flowers, bows and edible pearls

My new Signature Cake, “French Vanilla Pirouette”. French Vanilla cake with Red Raspberry filling, frosted with Meringue frosting, wrapped with 50 French Vanilla Pirouette cookies and topped with Lindt Swiss White Chocolate shavings. Yummy!

They were so pretty, no one wanted to cut them, so I had to do the honors. Once I did that – they were gone…

Thanksgiving, was great. We had it at my Mom’s and we all pitched in, bringing our specialties and I brought the new recipe for the year, Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle. It was amazing! Good times were had by all, a little family drama, but a lot of love.

Lindi and I had Sunday off together, so we reorganized the craft room, moved the computer desk and rearranged all the furniture, put up the new wrapping station table and made it easily accessible for Connie’s Christmas Projects as well as getting incense together for a work Holiday Boutique!

Last night was Monday Night Football, featuring the Steelers and the Dolphins, so we had to invite D and T over for spaghetti dinner with salad and garlic bread, chips and dips, bbq little smokies and snickerdoodles, (and lots of trash talking), while their teams fought on the cold, raining and sloshy gridiron. The whole game was just unreal, with the way the field was trashed, but we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. I think we might plan weekly Monday Night Football plans.

Next week is my work’s Holiday Boutique and Holiday party, so we are gearing up for the Christmas Season. It is always so packed. I am doing a lot of holiday crafts as presents this year, so my evenings will probably be spent in my craft room.

Oh, and great news! In the New Year, I will be an instructor at a local Community Education program. I’m starting with two night classes in Excel, but it might blossom as the weeks go on into something bigger. The pay is minimal, but the rewards are endless. I am truly excited!


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