Friday, July 13, 2001

Back From The Hospital...

JJ had already checked out by the time I got there, it was a quick one. She's not hurt, just sore and bruised up. Her car is in worse condition that her body. I feel bad for her, this was her dream car. She had purchased it with the intent of completely restoring it, although it was in excellent condition when she got it. So, now she gets the wonderful priviledge of having an insurance company tell her that her car isn't worth anything and try to scrap it (they do that with a lot of older cars nowadays...) . It will work out, I suppose.

Dylan's suggestion for us to check out was a wonderful idea! My firewall at work won't let me thru, but I have it playing right now on my computer. It's easy to customize and I really enjoy the variety! Thanks, Dylan!!!

Oh, This is FUN!!!

So, I read Scottie's blog with much enjoyment. I linked from there to Susan's blog, also very enjoyable, and from there found the Poetry Generator. This is a kick! Here is a generated poem about my weblog here:

Reality is being an ENTIRE kitchen in
Jordan, dinner at 7:07
PM Technical
Difficulties Okay,
so no one Sarah
Mclaughlin, the short People not me
the vacation. So, Ken emails me
about your post! : it was EVERYWHERE...
Everything got the carpets
but by the credit on them like as
would be sure to clean very nice Asian fruit cocktail
mmmmmm....I am Lazy Morning little
ones. Saturday June 29, AM heading
to fire me, Gimme a rescue the
credit on the last 5 07 PM
LORENE!!!! Update your future, but
I need a new one I
have to sleep.

What a RIOT!!


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