Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Oh, the Joys of Parenthood

I come home this afternoon to find the entire kitchen in a shambles, courtsey of my poochie, Abbie. The little *cough* darling had jumped up onto the kitchen table, knocking down a very large Aloe Vera plant (which had just been freshly potted), chewing through a 10-pound bag of red potatoes, a few apples, the Yellow Pages, and the creme' de la creme', an ENTIRE box of Devils Food Zingers. She also knocked over her water dish, which is a self dispensing one, carrying about a gallon of fresh was EVERYWHERE...

Everything got cleaned up, pretty much, we'll have to clean the carpets but that's a given, and I called the Emergency Pet center, since I was worried about chocolate toxicity. The vet tech told me the Zingers were more sugar than chocolate, so I shouldn't worry too much. It would be different if she ate a Snickers bar or something. I just have to watch her for signs of toxicity, which include vomiting, excessive drooling, sensitivity to light and sound and seizures. The tech said she would prolly just run herself into the ground because she is so full of sugar and then crash for the rest of the night. Good Lord, I didn't sign up for this!


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