Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Speaking of Tomb Raider...

Glad to see Lorene didn't think it sucked. A LOT of critics did, however. (This one in particular REALLY didn't have nice things to say...) I enjoyed the movie, probably for the most plentiful reason, Angelina Jolie. Gawd, could I get more pathetic? I spent last weekend in an Angelina-fest, courtesy of Jennifer and her ever abundant video collection.

For the most part, I agree with some of the critics, including our own loveable snogable Jeffie. But, really now, what the hell were they looking for? This was not meant to be a cinematic masterpiece, it was meant to allow those of us who have played Tomb Raider to submurge ourselves in the simplistic gorgeousness of Lara Croft, who more than 90% of the players either wanted to BE or to HAVE. Angelina is Lara. Anything else is just stuffing. Although the appearence of a one Christopher Barrie THRILLED Red Dwarf fans like Jennifer, Gracie and I (although, I kept looking for the "H" on his forehead). I wish he would have had more screen time.

But I keep remembering, these are the some of the same critics who loved Pulp Fiction.

Movies don't necesarily have to have a rich plot, finely detailed acting and masterful direction. Some things are like a box of Godiva. They are just meant to be enjoyed without thought. Don't get me wrong, I love a really, really good movie, too. Sometimes, I am just in the mood to be lost, and Tomb Raider is one of those type of movies.


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