Tuesday, July 10, 2001


The new Melissa Etheridge CD Skin is out! And my lovely 'lissa is back, with a vengence, babay! I really didn't care for her last release Breakdown, except for the song Scarecrow, which was dedicated to the memory of Mathew Shepherd, the young gay man killed in Wyoming. Everything else just seemed...not...her. I LOVE this new release, it has Melissa's spark and flirtatious lyrics. I watched a VH-1 special of her last night (oh, Gawd, I must be getting older) and she is listed as VH-1's Artist of the Month. She was performing alone, with her guitar, some of her classics (Come To My Window, You Can Sleep While I Drive, and my personal all-time favorites, Somebody Bring Me Some Water and Like The Way I Do). Man, she was incredible, sexy, driving, sensual, talented...'lissa is back, my friends! And her latest CD shows it tenfold. It's almost as if the last 5 years brought her back to her inner voice. I would HIGHLY recommend this CD to anyone who is a Melissa fan from the earlier days. Not to mention some FABU pictures in her CD jacket. I am absolutely thrilled.


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