Friday, July 13, 2001

THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 7/12/01 AT 7:15pm MST My AT&T Broadband went down while it was posting...

Lorene...Lorene...Lorene ("is a butt-head" - courtesy of Gracie...)
Defend yourself? *Laugh* More like, "Let's drown Connie in China Red wood stain!" I am STILL finding red flecks of paint in my bathwater. I don't know how you did it, but I think you stained me more than the furniture...but I digress...

Tick tock Tick tock

Welcome to another wonderous day where everything went wrong. Well, not everything. At least I came home to a house intact. Work was hell, looks like they are getting ready to fire some people (not me) so things are pretty weird there. I am glad to be home.

Gracie just got back from seeing Final Fantasy the movie. Her review? "I LOVED the movie!" She's played the game for a while now and while she admits it's not perfect, she enjoyed it for what it was, her being a gamer and a computer geek. She also said the trailer for Spiderman looked amazing. She and her brother are going to see Planet of the Apes on premier day. Me, I'd rather not. I'm glad she is going out with her brother to see those manly type of movies. Me? Gimme a good Sandra Bullock movie any day of the week. *grin*

So, now I wait for the 8:00 hour. My friend Ken from Arizona who is temporarily in Sydney is going to log on from his side of the world in about 30 minutes so we can chat on ICQ. Coordination is the only way to keep in touch nowadays.


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