Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Hope your day is filled with well-wishes and love!

Naw, It’s Okay, I Didn’t Want Food at my Reception Anyway…

I hate my car. I love my car. It’s a seemless battle I’ve been having with myself.

Vanna II decided not to start this morning, and it was, as I correctly diagnosed, the Starter Motor. I’ve been living on borrowed time for a bit, and I knew it all along, so it doesn’t come as any great shock. $313.14 including labor. Whut Whoo. At least it’s not the Transmission. *knock on wood, knock on wood*

So, Lindi dipped into our Wedding Savings account. Luckily, I get paid Friday, so I can replenish it. But it’s just $300.00 I did not plan on, and it hurts all the way around.

On the lighter side, my bridemaids and I will be looking at dresses on Monday. Contrary to some people’s ideas, they will not be dressing as any of the following:
Ferengi, Klingon, Alien-Monkeys, X-men or Super Heros.
They will not be wearing:
Tube tops, miniskirts, masks and capes, burgundy feathers or boas, pasties, tiaras, strobe lights, twinkle lights or have any sort of super power.
Call me traditional…


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