Monday, June 16, 2003


My father and brother returned from deep-sea fishing off the coast of Garibaldi, Oregon late Friday night. They had a wonderful 10 days fishing, crabbing, visiting my grandmother and shopping. The Dad even purchased my first “Marilyn Merlot” at the Oregon Wine Shop, a beautiful 2001 bottle already put in the china closet for safe keeping (you can’t imagine the money he spent on that). We put away 90 pounds of beautiful halibut, red snapper and crab. My brother caught a 60lb Halibut on an 8 lb pole – quite the feat since halibut that size are never found where they caught it, and the US Fish and Game department met them on shore to check the validity of the catch! It was valid, and he got to keep it. Home and tired, we put them to bed at midnight.

At 7:45 am on Saturday morning, the charter boat they had been fishing on all week , the Taki-Too, capsized off the coast, killing 9-11 people, including his friend, the Captain.

I don’t think I have given up such prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude in my life. I truly don’t know what I would have done without my daddy and my brother, losing both at the same time would have killed my mother.

Please, for me, Say a prayer, spell, chant, well wishing thought to the universe in thanks for allowing me to hug my father on Father’s Day. Had they stayed an extra couple of days, like planned, he may not have been alive.

The Whole World Has Gone Crazy...

My ultra-straight high school friend is now a lesbian… and my ultra-lesbian friend is dating a man. I get so confused sometimes…

And, Jennifer is a Goddess...

Can I just say how completely proud I am of Jennifer? On track in school, finances and her goal of health, she inspires me and makes me happy for her with every goal she attains. She is phenomenal. This year is a great year for Jennifer, as I predicted. Maybe she should listen to me once in a while…


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