Wednesday, March 17, 2004

F**K, F**K, F**K !!!!
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We just got called into a meeting with management. Those meetings blow, big time. They made us sign some shit. F**k. I hate that.

1. Company email is no longer for personal use. At all. Shit.

2. Personal use of the internet is restricted to breaks and lunches. Shit, shit.

Basically, they made it so I can only blog on breaks and lunches, regardless of my productivity. Damn, I could be surfing p0rn all day and still get my work done. Assholes.

So, when the blogging bug hits me, I will switch over to word, type it out, and post it on my breaks. F**ckers think they can stop this blogging train, do they? Well, I'll show them!

Don't worry. I'll get over it.


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