Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

What's in a name? I've seen this all over the place, so I thought I'd join in, as well. Thanks Danielle!

If you call me Tonnie Anne, you're probably my mother.
If you call me Con-con, you're probably Jennifer.
If you call me Boo-boo, you're probably Lorene.
If you call me Constance, you're probably Christopher.
If you call me Crimmy, you're probably one of the geeks that played with me on the MUD's back in the 90's.
If you call me Ms. Inman (not my last name), you're probably a telemarketer.
If you call me Con or Nonnie, you're probably my sister.
If you call me Jan, you're probably Marcia.
If you call me Punkin or Suga-pop, you're probably Michelle.
If you call me Karen, you're probably my mother-in-law, Jean. (we're working on that one)
If you call me Awwnie, you're probably Issac.
If you call me Sissterrrr, you're probably my brother-inlaw Ray-man
If you call me Angel, Honey, Baby, Virgo, Frank, Freddy or Smith you're probably Lindi. You'd BETTER be Lindi.
If you call me "Mom, er Connie", you're probably Sarah.
If you call me "Hey, It's Caawwnniie...", you're probably the entire Drama gang from Cyprus High School hanging out on Lorene's lawn... or Brandon.
If you call me CJ, you're probably Alicia, or you went to church with me at Westvale Presbyterian.
If you call me Lily Lolita Conchita Maria Consuela Juanita Felina Hernandez, you're probably Jason or Serena.
If you call me Constance Jean (not my middle name), you're probably Serena's Mom.
If you call me Connie Anne, you're probably my father.
If you call me Mrs. Estherhouse, you were my Godfather.
If you call me Gorgeous or Sexy, you're probably Wade, the Coffee God.
If you mispronounce my last name, you're every teacher, customer service representative, employer or general stranger I've met. You are not alone.


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