Friday, April 23, 2004

Back for more

Drink of the day: Apple Green Tea. Thats manly right?
CD on the Playa: Quiet time. Got any suggestions?

Back for my last guest post. Until next time the QW is needed. We shall most certainly be whores in waiting.

You can read my post about corporate trinkets. If you want. And what to do with them.

If anyone cares to comment, please... do so.

I just want to end this guest whoring with a one or two question survey.

Either or, you dont have to answer both. That might be too much work. OR, you can answer both.

You also dont have to make up sappy sounding stuff either. We at the QW dont judge. If you want to toss up something brash and ridiculous, go ahead.

What do you consider attractive?


If you had a chance to do ANYONE, who would it be?


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