Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back in the Saddle

I took yesterday off because the pain in my right breast was so bad, I couldn’t even sit up. I went to my wound care doctor, and found out I have Pseudomonas, a type of skin infection common to those who have had surgery and have open wounds for long periods of time. It is similar to a Staph infection, in that it is always on our skin, but it doesn’t necessarily grow unless there is an opportunity, such as a weakened immune system after surgery. 7 days of antibiotics and away we go…

Sarah did very well in surgery. She is sleeping well through the night and getting up and moving as best as she can during the day. The pain gets pretty bad, but hopefully, every day gets a little better for her. THANK YOU to everyone who has sent her well wishes and flowers and emails. You are appreciated!

It’s been nice to know that Sarah is with her Grandma while recouperating and we don’t have to worry so much. After work, Lindi and I head over there, have dinner with the family, spend some quality time, and then she and I head home to sleep. Last night, Lindi’s brother and sisterinlaw brought over the new baby, so we all had some special time together which was really really nice. Tonight, we are going out to dinner, then her mother is going to show me an easier crocheting stitch so I can get my baby blanket’s finished for Tre!

I am thinking of planning a Spring Party in May, sort of reminiscent of the Spring Fling days we used to have. Granted, we will not be up til 2 am drinking wine coolers, but I am sure we will get our fair share of partying on!

I attended the committee meeting for my 15 year class reunion. Wow, lots of work to do, but I am excited to do it. I am looking forward to getting with people I have seen in so long and checking in – those I’ve lost touch with and truly miss. I’ve already secured two donations to the raffle (THANKS DENISE AND DEE!) and hope to get more soon.


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