Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So Maine got hit with the meme from one of his blogging buddies, and has shared the love with moi. I told him my site was getting boring and I needed help.

So he sends me 5 questions. Damn witty ones, too.

1. You get to fistfight one public figure / celebrity on TV this weekend. Who do you choose and why?

Jane Fonda. Seriously. A decade late and a dollar short, biotch. Plus, On Golden Pond sucked ass. Hardcore.

2. Why haven't you downloaded Skype yet? Why not!?
My sound card is dead, so there is really no point.

3. Greater evil in a society: Lawyers having major influence over government policies or government policies being enacted based on religious tenets? Discuss.

Bastard. Forget the hard questions. Ask me something like, 'If you, Pamela Anderson and a midget were sharing and ice cream cone, what flavor would it be?' Jesus!

4. Hey, here's $100,000. Spend it. Today. All of it. How?

That's awful nice of you! Rent limos to pick up 25 of my closest friends, my posse, as it were… drive to the airport… fly to Vegas, see the Blue Man Group and spend the rest on strippers and liquor. Oh, yeah. Or I could be practical and just buy a lifetime supply of Skippy. And a monkey for Lindi.

5. You're on a desert island for the rest of your life. Take five people, three pieces of technology and 2 bonus items. What do you take?

Five people? Okay, Lindi, Angelina Jolie, Janet Jackson, Dan Quayle and George Carlin. We’ll need entertainment, yo… Technology: a laptop, an ice maker and a power supply for both… 2 bonus items: Q-tips and push pins. You wouldn’t believe how bloody useful both of those are.


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