Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Focus, People

Well, I spoke too soon. I thought everything was going swimmingly at work, but it looks like MY part of Open Enrollment is just beginning. I have a huge error report that needs to be addressed and umpteen problems. So, how does a girl deal with it? She ignores it and blogs! Just kidding.

I have narrowed down my Christmas projects for this weekend and Lindi is doing great by scout-shopping for me so I know what to budget. I am really looking forward to adding these projects and items to my repitiore and my website, which Mike got back up for me yesterday. I am excited to start my RGS business back up again. Really, Summer and Christmas are the only times I think it will be running, I just don't see us exploding the market just yet. Brynn is working hard to get her inventory all built up, so that is great news for the website. We have our Craft Fair here at work on Wednesday, so this weekend will be focusing on those items and the inventory for the website, as well as making a few Christmas gifts.

After the success of the cakes on Tuesday, I have decided to only do cakes by special request and not really go "into" it as a business (sorry, Johnathan, I know you wanted me to...). Could I? Sure. I would love to have a home bakery and make beautiful wedding cakes 3 times a month, but really, baking is my hobby and stress relief. I don't want to make it into something that I have to do, I want it to remain a luxury. So, special requests it is!

I jumped on eBay and got a few resource books for my Excel classes. I spoke with the District and found out that I need to come up with my own curriculum, which is no big deal since I used to teach in a computer lab as a job anyway. My mother told me she was proud of me for going back to teaching, which is really what I planned to do with my life before... well... life happened. How many people get to do something part-time that has always been their dream? I'm one of the lucky ones that can do that and give back to the community at the same time. My dad thinks it's the best part-time job I could get and Lindi is so happy for me - she might take the class with her mom. It's great when those who know you the best see what will make you happy in life and support it fully.

I am meeting with the couple whose wedding is in April next week. They sent me the sweetest email and asked me to officiate, and they have picked their Charity to donate part of my renumeration to - No More Homless Pets! I knew I liked them. The ceremony is 99% written, I just pretty much have to show up and sign the paperwork. I am so excited to help them on their special day.

It's the first time in a long time I have been living in my authentic self - doing what makes ME happy - and not worrying about what others think. I had gone to a movie with my friend Shane S. and we talked about living in our potential and not working toward our dreams but working IN our dreams. He has a dream to move to France and sing in their full-time Opera. He has a beautiful voice, no real strings to staying here, and still wasn't sure until he asked himself what would make him happy. He is so committed and working each day to live IN his dream and will be moving to France in May. His family and friends are totally behind him. Shane is an inspiration to me.

So, I opened myself up to the things that make me happy - creativity, teaching, spirituality, community - and all four came back to me with opportunities to express myself and do great things. I am blessed with the support of my wife and my family and friends and I just feel like I am living in my promise. Everything I do takes time, but isn't a burden. I just feel like ME - I have missed this feeling!

Hope your week finds you well and happy!


  • It's about time that Connie takes care of Connie! And I am so proud of you! I am thinking of taking the Excel class (then maybe I won't have to come to Connie to fix my spreadsheets (or make them). I'll have an edumucation!

    By Blogger Denise, At 7:47 AM  

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