Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Rather Spectacular Party

Lindi and I really had a fantastic time at my company party. They rented out the Olympic Ice Oval for a Casino Night. We were treated to delicious food and 100 “points” to turn into chips for gaming. We mingled and she got to meet the important peeps at work, and sit with all my friends, who just adored her and said the nicest things about me. We played 21 and roulette, but the real fun was at Craps. For the first couple of hours, I couldn’t win much, but the last 30 minutes was a blast.

For every 100 points you had, you received a raffle ticket. So, with only 20 minutes left to go, and me on the dice, we turned our little 200 points into 900 points! Every time I rolled the dice, it was a winner. Our whole table was hootin’ and hollerin’ like it was Vegas – Very, very fun.

They had some amazing gifts for the raffle – probably about 30 total. iPods and CD players, NBA tickets and dinners to nice restaurants, all sorts of things. I put our tickets in the tumbler and just knew we were going to win something. Then I glanced over and could see people with 40-50 tickets – obviously we were outnumbered.

They went through all of the prizes and we didn’t win anything, although I had a premonition the lady across from me would win a large prize, and she did when I said she would. Not bad for one out of 800 employees.

Then came time for the Grand Prizes. I looked at Lindi and focused on her, then closed my eyes and pictured her winning the Grand Prize. I concentrated on it until they called the number. I opened my eyes just in time to watch her stand up, rip the top ticket off her roll and say “I’ll be right back.” When I realized she had just won the Grand Prize, I was the one doing the screaming! She was calm and cool as ever.

She had her pick of the three Grand Prizes – but she chose what I was hoping she would – a Wii system with sports package! I have been trying for the last 2 Christmases to get one for her. The other two prizes were a 27” flat screen TV or a weekend stay at the Anniversary Inn, which would have been nice since our Five year is in 2008. Honestly, we would have been pleased with ANY of the prizes, but it was so sweet to see her win. My sister said the reason we won is because I wanted it so bad for her, I wasn’t selfish wanting something for me. I think it’s because she has been through so much with me this past year, she deserves something nice.

We braved the snow storm and got home around 11:30, unwrapped the Wii, and played until 4am. It felt just like Christmas Morning! It is a blast – we will definitely have to have a Wii party.

We received an invitation to MaryEtta’s 50th b-day party on Friday and we are so excited to go. It came delivered with an old time 45 record from the year she was born. I can’t believe she’s turning 50. Her spirit is so young and happy and I love being in her energy.

The Craft Fair went very well – I made enough money there to cover all my expenses for my craft projects for my family – now that’s success.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was pretty sick with the stomach bug, so I stayed home. I didn’t even get to play the Wii. That’s okay. Now I'm back at work and working hard, as you can see…

We’re going to work on our Christmas Cards tonight together and get them in the mail. I really wanted them to be done before now, but I haven’t had the time, really. I am so excited to be able to gather with friends this season and enjoy them that the other tasks often get missed. That’s why I have Lindi – to keep me sane.


  • Wii ROCKS!!! I've had mine for months now, and, I swear, I've lost ten pounds. Now, if I could just lose the other 20 I need, I'd be set.

    By Blogger LatinLez, At 7:05 PM  

  • I'm Jealous.

    By Blogger Toni, At 1:00 PM  

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    By Blogger Harris, At 8:32 PM  

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