Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Forgot All About Enid Greene

So I am sitting at my desk, wrapping things up for the day when a call comes in, quickly flashing on my screen, then dissapearing. Apparently the caller realized he'd called the wrong desk. But as the name flashes on my ID, I am transported back to 1991, working on the SLCC Newspaper, and having a new reporter shadowing me as we do restaurant reviews and interviews ...Brandyn.

Could it be? Naw, it's not possible. He does have a unique name, though.

So I call the number back and get voicemail.

"Hi Brandyn, this is Connie in Operations. You called me. Then hung up, so I am sure you probably didn't need to talk to me. But you should call me back. I think we went to College together."

The next morning, Brandyn calls back, "OH HELL! It really IS you!"

The next 15 minutes were spent catching up on life. He's worked at my company for 13 years and is the Manager of IT. The Manager. He remembers all about our exploits and interviews, even reminding me that we had interviewed Enid Greene and what a wack job we thought she was. I had completely forgot all about that. We reminiced about the crazy Editor and Assistant Editor, who were getting married, and who honestly scarred me. It was great to catch up.

Oh, and he dialed my number completely on accident. Completely. What are the odds?

The Universe is responding to my quest of positive and fun people. We'll be having lunch next week and I am sure it wil be as if 15 years haven't passsed at all.

Just pure awesomeness.


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