Monday, July 30, 2001

Still Jacked Up, Baby...
So, I was going to spend the morning fixing my page. For some odd reason, all of my entries are dated at 6:15 pm, no matter when I Blog them. How odd. I also noticed that my Pearl 'O Wisdom was lost when I chose my wonderful Little Pink Kitty motif. So, I try to log in to Blogger (an eon passes) and I try to access Templates, name it...and I sit. And wait. And wait even more. I have the Broadband access, so I KNOW this shouldn't be taking so fucking long. Oh, well, I think. I will just Blog and fix the shit later.

Gracie had an excellent night, and her need for ice packs is dwindling. Right now, she is playing Final Fantasy on her Playstation, so that will keep her entertained for a few hours. We attempted a shower, which was an adventure all of it's own. She can't have her bandages wet, and since she is wrapped up from the top of her knees to her toes, literally, that makes a shower impossible. She can't sit in the tub and stick her legs out since it would take a Vatican-certified miracle to get her back out. So I got in the shower, had her sit on the edge of the tub and showered her the best I could. Even washed her hair. I lined the floor (and her legs) with towels since I knew there would be buckets of water on the floor, and you know what, it worked. She is clean, dry and happy. It's only until Wednesday, since they will prolly take out her stitches and allow her to shower like a normal person.


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