Sunday, July 29, 2001

Whew! Never thought I would get here!

Blogger is jacked up tonight for some gawd-awful reason. That's okay, I'll just briefly outline recent events.

Gracie's surgery went well, she is re-couping fine. Her surgeon gave her the choice whether or not to go under full anethesia or have a spinal block, essentially an epidural. She chose spinal, which is good and bad in various areas. She is not allowed to walk stairs for 2 weeks, what with both her knees out of commission, and ice and Darvocet are her best friends. Besides me, that is, who is catering to her every whim and whimper. I have been so grateful to Jennifer for dropping by a few times to supply a little smile, a lot of encouragement and a couple of trips up and down the stairs when it looked like I was ready to pass out.

You see, I set Gracie up in our room upstairs, to have first class access to the bathroom. The only problem is the kitchen is down stairs, so when we have to change her ice packs (every three hours, thank you) or get her something to eat (almost every three hours *grin*) I am lugging my ass up and down these awfully narrow stairs. I guess it's good strength-training.

Gracie has had a few visitors; my sister, my parents (who brought her 3 cases of pop, 6 candy bars and a velvet picture she is supposed to is rather adorable...), Toni, and, of course, the aforementioned God-Send, Jennifer. Oh, I am supposed to relay that LORENE NO LONGER HAS STICK-POKING PRIVILEDGES as she FAILED TO VISIT or even CALL Gracie after her surgery. The Deathmatch will be scheduled for an appropriate time after Gracie's re-couperation.

She is starting to sleep better now, and I am grateful. I feel like a mother, sleeping for a couple hours, then up for a couple hours, down for an hour, up for three...the nights are fabulous. I must look like the walking dead. But I am happy to report that we had a 2 hour nap today, I made a gorgeous veggie lasagna, and I finally got to bathe. Oooooohhh....showers are niiiiiice.

Oh, by the way, if anyone asks, I am in Phoenix. I told everyone at work, except JJ of course (who always knows better), that I was still heading out to Phoenix simply because I didn't want to be bothered this week. It's my vacation, dammit, and if I want to spend it in bed with Gracie...well...kinda...sorta.......well, I'm gonna. And I don't want to be called and bugged because it's month end. Everyone else at work takes time off whenever they goddamn well feel like it, I'm entitled, too!!!


I feel much better now.

Does anyone know where I put my Xanax? *chuckle*

OH! UPDATE!! Going on the 8th week smoke-free. I think I did it. I really do. I was having cravings today, but I think it was cuz I am tired. I am so happy, I never dreamed I would quit. *Happy Happy Dance*

Well, kids, I am gonna run up the damned stairs again and bring Gracie some ice water. Much love to you all, call or stop by when you get a chance.


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