Friday, June 27, 2003

Do You know How Much a Bail of Hay Weighs?

I didn’t. At least until this week, when I met Lindi’s relatives from South Dakota. It’s the Family Reunion, and I have got to meet her hick family from her mother’s side. They are actually a bunch of crazy, friendly, wonderful people, who amount to over 300 descendants of her great-grandparents.

I attended the “adult” dinner with her on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it was in an LDS Chapel and it felt more like a Family Home Evening deal. Trust me, more than just our table wanted a little wine, beer or coffee at some point.

The Funny of the Week:
Lindi’s cousin Michelle (Manager of the Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square) is a vegetarian. She and her mother Carol requested a vegetarian plate at our catered dinner. So, the vegetarian dinners arrived, next to our chicken and roast beef plates. The plate was nice, consisting of a baked potato, corn and veggie-burger patties. Nicely presented and looking almost better than my chicken cordon bleu that resembled a chimichanga from the outside…

Anywho, the second cousin Tammy (who was in charge of the meals) came by the table to check the vegetarian plates… she to make sure everything was okay. Michelle smiled politely and said it was fine.

Then Tammy asked her, “Would you like some gravy on your patties?”

Michelle, not missing a beat said, “Is it vegetarian gravy?” The only gravy we’d seen was on the roast beef.

All of us chuckled politely as we realized Tammy was going to serve vegetarian soy patties with beef gravy. Niiiiiiice. Michelle gracious declined and we are continuing the joke to this day by offering her beef gravy with everything we serve.

Tonight is a family picnic, tomorrow is a huge picnic and Sunday is Wendover for the “heathens”.

Oh, and a bail of hay can weigh up to 1,600 lbs. Goodness!

Is There a Correlation?!?!

Strom Thurman died yesterday at 10:00 am… the same day the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute that banned gay couples — but not heterosexuals — from engaging in sodomy, ruling that the law was an unconstitutional violation of privacy. Coincidence or a final irony?

And Finally…

Wedding plans are great. We received the correctly engraved cake server, we should have our invitations today, matchbooks tomorrow, and all plates, cups, knives, etc next week. My attendants are solid on their clothing choices, I have my slip and shoes (no veil yet, tho)… Chug, chug, chuggin’ along!


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