Monday, July 07, 2003

HUGE Changes...

Ok. So you haven't heard from me in over a week - and for very good reason.

I woke up on Sunday the 29th a little oozie from the events the night before. I took some Ibuprofen and headed out to Wendover for the day with the Inman family. A fun day had by all, we got home around 9pm, and exhausted, went to bed. I woke up Monday morning puking my guts out. Pain, nasuea the works. Tuesday - same thing. Went to the doctor who told me I was a: not viral, b: way too stressed out and c: needed not only stomach meds (Aciphex) but that I should consider an anxiety med. We discussed it for a while and I am now taking a small dose of Celexa, just to help with my constant nagging in my brain. (Lorene can testify - I am a constant worry ball). Anywho, ended up in Cotonwood ER on Wednesday since I STILL had not stopped puking, attached to an IV, and the ER doc scheduled me for an upper GI scope. He said, "There's something wrong, but I don't know what it is." Awwwhhh... honesty. I go in on the 15th.

So, I stayed home from work all last week, in bed, feeling horrid, watching Oprah and DVD's until I couldn't stand it anymore. Jenn came and relieved some of the boredom on Saturday by bringing me lunch and chatting, and brought me a DVD I hadn't seen, but quite enjoyed.

I was feeling good. things were okay. I got up for work today, got dressed, sat on the edge of my bed and started to get naseated. Usual, typical. Walked to my car to go to work and was completely sick. Walked into work, and with much discussion, left my job for good.

The minute I realized I no longer needed to be there, that I wasn't tied to that office anymore, my stomach stopped hurting, my head stopped hurting and 10 pounds lifted off my shoulders. No, I don't have a job, but God, there is something out there that is meant for me. It helped getting the "Good job!" from Jenn, Lorene, Dez and Lindi. Helped ease the worry.

Then my sister called and mentioned she was heading to PVH for her eye exam and HR was on the way. I joined her and walked into HR, finding 3 job openings in the Business Office - all positions I am trained for. We went over to the BO just to say HI, and I have never felt so welcome in my entire life! Horrid short man is gone, with most of the previous staff, I might add. One of the ladies I worked with before, Michele, is back to being the Office Manager and just about flipped when I walked in the door. She is excited I am thinking of coming back, as she put it, "What were you thinking when you left us?!"


I will keep you all posted!


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