Tuesday, October 14, 2003

And The Two Became One…

The Wedding was amazing. I was a little stressed over some issues with the reception center, but it all worked out in the end. (By the way, did anyone steal a fire extinguisher? Just asking… argh… since we are all apparently still in High School according to some people…stupid, stupid, stupid…)

I walked down the aisle to Heather Headly “If It Wasn’t for Your Love”, escorted by Lindi’s father... to find Lindi, Deanna and Lisa in black tuxes. My Attendants, Lorene and Jennifer wore black lace tops and pencil skirts, and looked beautiful carrying bouquets of wildflowers and sunset roses. Sarah wore a beautiful Ivory sleeveless top with long flowing burgundy skirt, and Jessie, the flower girl, was beautiful in her ivory dress.

I was amazed at the sanctity and beauty of the ceremony. It touched us both to our souls and it felt like the life-changing event it was supposed to be. The best part was that I didn’t mess up the vows, plus I was able to stop crying about half way through. Good thing, too, since Sarah needed my handkerchief! My sister gave the scripture reading, and did a very good job as well. We were told numerous times at how beautiful the ceremony was, and I quite agree. Our pastor, Rev. Karen Winkel, is amazing, and her words were eloquent.

The reception was enjoyed by all, and was quite wonderful! Sooo many people and sooo much food! The menu consisted of cold smoked turkey and sole, cheese, fruit and veggies, rolls, hot smoked brisket, hot smoked Black Forrest Ham, mashed potatoes, garlic rosemary potatoes, pasta salad, baked macaroni & cheese, green salad, éclairs and Mexican wedding cookies! Wine, beer and lemonade rounded out a beautiful spread. There were times at the reception when it was standing room only, and we still had food left over!

The toast, given by Lindi’s brother, was heartfelt, and spontaneous, as he told us I was a welcomed member to their family.

Our wedding cake, covered in flowers, was a memorable moment as a piece of chocolate cake fell down the front of my cleavage (and IN!), which then turned into a smash-fest in Lindi’s face. Hey, it was called for…

Our First Dance was to “She” by Elvis Costello, and thanks to our wonderful friends mocking it in the background, I am sure one of my wedding pictures has me flipping someone off… The Father/Daughter dance took a new twist when my brother-in-law Ray stood in for my father, and nearly made me cry with his words of love and encouragement… then people came to me, pinned dollars to me and danced… and KJ promptly stuffed $20 down my cleavage… (My breasts were involved in everything somehow!)

We were shooed out of the reception center at 9:30 to a waiting black limosine, complete with red carpet and rose petals! Instead of rice, our friends were given bubbles, which made it magical… Inside the limo were drinks, including sparkling cider… and a privacy window! *wink*

We had the limo take us to the Paper Moon, since one of our dearest friends was putting on a drag-show benefit for the AIDS foundation. She escorted us in, sat us at the front of the club and then performed “From This Moment” for us, while we enjoyed a spotlight dance in front of the entire club. I have never heard screams and cheers like that before, from the minute we stood and took the stage until we left. Rhonda is a great woman and a fabulous friend. We had brought a box of bubbles to the club, so we were surrounded with bubbles from friends, and even strangers. After our dance, they congratulated us, and each performer who went afterward came to our seats, kissed my hand and congratulated us both. When the show was over, we all got up and danced, although my feet were aching by this time. I had women asking Lindi if they could dance with me, putting money in my dress, and we had a great time.

We ended up leaving at 12:30, taking a cab back to the Wyndam, to find chocolate covered strawberries and Sparkling Cider waiting outside our room! Our room was on the 12th floor, wonderful view, where we spent the next 2 days enjoying sunsets and sunrises together and talking about the rest of our lives.

We couldn’t have gotten through this without our wonderful friends, who all pitched in to help in any way they could. The reception center was cleaner when we left that when we got there… The presents and all the supplies were taken to TWO households, and we were able to get everything taken care of on Sunday. The generousity of our friends is incredible… some highlights: Gift cards to Target in excess $200, cash (of course) a 4-slice toaster, electric griddle from my sister, food processor, beautiful bath towels and a cleaning caddy (Thanks Toni!! You ROCK!!), an electric wok from The Newsomes and Hunters (MY favorite…), cutlery, silverware, glasses, cloth napkins and place-settings, a special package from Jenn Bunker in Cali including kitchen towels and original artwork created by her to match! We were very, very spoiled, I couldn’t even tell you how much it all is appreciated, especially those thoughtful things…

There were some friends who were sorely missed, but thought of... Jeffie, Dez, Krysta, Loriea, Jason... just to name a few... but we felt your presence and your support.

And now, back at work… Lindi still has another 6 days left of vacation, so she’s trying to put our home back together.

BIG THANKS TO JENNIFER HOFFMAN for her unresting devotion to us, helping with every detail and being the support and confidant during the craziness, LORENE for the Tagamet (really), the support, and the sounding board, DEE for the beautiful guest book/scrapbook – you’ve received a ton of compliments on your work – and for the “something Blue”, and for, well, everything… LISA AND DEANNA for the support and help you gave to Lindi, and for the limo!!, SHANE AND CHET for always being there, for stepping up to help and for the gorgeous fall centerpieces (what a wonderful talent you have Shane), DYLAN, TONI AND ROB for the set up, the clean up, the laughs and just *knowing* that you are there for me, no matter what, My Beautiful Sister DENISE for your support and love and keeping me sane, which is hard… and for the reading (you did a great job)…


It wasn’t a wedding.

It was an event!

And I am happy.


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