Thursday, October 02, 2003

Thank You, Lorene…

for that wonderful summary of my life for the past couple of months.

I do apologize, between moving and wedding and the job search, I just have not had the energy to blog, or eat, mostly. But things are looking so great, and I am happy.

The wedding is a mere 8 days away and I am thrilled with how everything is turning out. The universe is continuously blessing me with people stepping up and helping me with the details. The generosity of my friends astound me sometimes.

Jennifer took me to Begas for my bachelorette party… and boy, did we party. I can’t really list details, but it involved dinner at Spagos, a Vegas show and lap dances. I am definitely going back to Vegas!

I did start a new job at the U in accounting, and the environment is wonderfully positive. It’s the first time I have been “out” at work, and it is freeing. The benefits are amazing, and the pay isn’t bad. One of the great things is that as an employee, I get free UTA and Trax, anytime. The bus comes right by our new home and takes me within ½ block of work. It’s gonna save a lot of money on gas and wear and tear on the old beast. I am pleased.

Our new home is working out great. It’s a little tight with 3 women in it, but we are making due. Thank god it’s a duplex and we don’t have to worry about tons of neighbors. The neighborhood is generally quiet and we even have a fenced yard, which makes things really nice.

Not sure if I will be able to blog before the wedding, but I will try. Love to all and wish me luck that I don’t fall, trip or get shot (We are getting married in Kearns, right Lorene?)


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