Thursday, July 10, 2003


She's old - 34... ha ha. We spent yesterday (our one year anniversary) eating mexican food and watching "Betsy's Wedding" at her house, since I have been feeling so crappy lately. Today, I surprised her at work with mini-cupcakes and ice-cream sandwiches and a purple lay (she really appreciated that!). Tonight, my parents made her a steak dinner with all the trimmings and we were so full, we couldn't eat any birthday cake (although we practiced cutting the cake together...)

They have finally figured out the problem with my stomach. I have the H Pylori bacteria, and it's causing me ulcers that can't heal. The bad: I am now on an antibiotic cocktail of 2 different meds, plus Aciphex, plus Pepto-Bismol pills 3 times a day for 2 weeks. The good: NO SCOPE! The Best: I will be fine in about 8 weeks. I read up on the H Pylori deal and come to find out this little bacteria loves the stomach lining and is 'activated' by caffeine, stress, smoking and alcohol. Great, that's been my lifestyle for the past year now. Plus, it doesn't help when you take Naproxyn (Aleve) and Ibuprofen... both of which I was taking almost on a daily basis! Pretty crazy, huh?

Someday my life will come together...

Lindi and I have picked up a second job at the Usana center, working at Wasatch Pizza during the concerts. It was fun, but quite the trauma on the feet! She and I are actually going to the Poison concert tomorrow night (her boss gave her suite tickets - $150 a piece!) so that will be fun.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO SHANE... hope you had a great time at your surprise party. You deserve only the best!


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